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Flood Control Infrastructure Maintenance

The County of Orange maintains 380 miles of concrete, rock-lined and earthen flood control facilities. Flood control facilities are designed to handle water flow from storm drains and other runoff and "channel" the water into the bay or ocean. Operations & Maintenance conducts regular inspections and performs cleaning as needed. We encourage the public to notify us when a channel or ditch is blocked or filled with debris to help minimize the possibility of flooding and help improve water quality. There are also numerous miles of privately owned and maintained channels and ditches within the County.


The Operations & Maintenance Division provides the following services related to streams and riverbank erosion management

  • Prompt on-site investigations and technical assistance to citizens and businesses with river and stream bank erosion problems. The goal of this program is to stabilize eroding banks, prevent property loss, and restore habitat.
  • Emergency response during floods - hydrology information and technical expertise, field liaison with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies.
  • Maintenance and inspection of river levees and flood control facilities owned or operated by the county.
  • Engineering support to special program districts (diking districts, flood control districts) and other county departments.
  • Channel and Creek Restoration/Improvements: The County may undertake restoration and improvement projects at targeted sites.
  • Activities may include creek bank stabilization, hydrology restoration, erosion control, and 100-year storm modifications.
  • Illegal Dumping Mitigation Trash racks, fences, vegetation, bollards, berms, and other barriers are installed to prevent illegal dumping at flood control facilities.
  • For all flood control questions or complaints 714-955-0200.